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We are here!

Well, to be honest, we have been here for a while, but now we are making noise about it. This first blog post would traditionally tell you all about Pulling Power Media as a business and what we do, but I’m not going to do that. I’d rather tell you how we got here.
It’s been a strange change of pace. Over the years, I’ve started many businesses and creative projects and I’ve always made as much noise about them as possible from that very first step: whether it was the record label and events company I started with my best mate in high school, Byron Resch, or the various bands & music industry brands I’ve worked with or been part of over the years to now. This business being in operation for 8 months and only telling the world now is new territory for me.


The Timing was Important

In May 2017, and for some time leading up to it, I was feeling the urgency to give it another go and try to start another business. After all, a successful entrepreneur is just a failed one who tried one more time. May was the month of my B-com exams and, more importantly, when my wife Emily was due with our daughter. Of course, I picked the perfect time to start a new business.
No, really, I’m not being sarcastic. It was the perfect time and here’s why:
Firstly, for once, there was more on the line than just me and what I wanted to get out of it. I was forced to be incredibly motivated and goal oriented. I’ve always been optimistic but this time had to adopt a bit of gritty realism with what to pursue and what clients were just not going to work for me. I had to turn away a bunch of work because it didn’t align with the big picture plan, had to pull a bunch of all-nighters, had to plan. There was so, so much planning, but even more executing.

This may sound weird – an advertising agency that hasn’t advertised itself.

The second reason it was good timing, was that, unlike every other business I had started over the years, there was no time or energy to make noise. No time to advertise. This may sound weird – an advertising agency that hasn’t advertised itself. Not really orthodox I know, but in the sleepless chaos that is raising a new-born, squeezing in part time studies and starting a business from scratch, there just wasn’t time to run around telling the world “Hey! This is my social media & advertising agency Pulling Power Media! Look at all the cool work we are doing!” Instead, all the time and effort went into the work, the clients and the campaigns. Soon this became habit and the clients kept coming, and so it grew. It wasn’t long before I hired an absolute legend, Liam Summers, to help keep up with the demand and diversify the service offering.

I’m so grateful, that because of the circumstances, my usual approach was changed. I built up the habit of worrying about quality first, before worrying about the external perception of my business. It showed me the power of quality. How an advertising agency can double its client base in 6 months, without actually looking for business. I’m grateful to the circle of friends and family who were there to help as I got started. I’m incredibly grateful to my amazing clients – we honestly have some of the best clients in the world and are incredibly proud of every pixel of work we generate for them. Actually, ‘proud’ doesn’t even cover it, ‘obsessed’ is a more fitting word. Most importantly, the ultimate motivation behind the hustle, my wife Emily and my baby girl Hannah. You guys are my ‘why’ and I thank God for you every day.
Now here we are, finally ready to tell the world that we exist and are ready to reach new heights.

Welcome to Pulling Power Media – we look forward to getting to know you, telling your story and strengthening your brand in the digital space.


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