How to use ChatGPT for digital marketing and SEO

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The emergence of AI technology has taken the world by storm lately. With ChatGPT now increasingly contributing to the working world, we explore just a few ways in which you can use the software to maximise productivity below. If you manage your own business or brand, here’s how to use ChatGPT for digital marketing.

Custom pixel or tag conversions

If you’re a PPC marketer who sets up pixels and tracking code manually, you’re aware of how helpful it is to have a web developer at hand to assist with some of the more complex tag setups and code. With ChatGPT, you can get lines of custom conversion code written seamlessly and quickly. You just need to know how to ask for what you’re looking for.

Here is an example. We asked it: 

Send Facebook pixel custom conversion event once as users scroll to the bottom of the page using JavaScript”

You can also do the same with Google Tag Manager. See our example below:

Keywords for SEO optimisation and Google Ads

With its vast database of information gathered from the internet, ChatGPT can act as a handy guide, helping you find the best keywords to focus on when it comes to web content (like blogs, for example). This can help you increase discoverability and improve SEO optimisation.

This functionality doubles up as a way to expand and improve Google Search ad strategies as well. For example, we asked it:

Highest performing keywords to target with Google Search ads for an ecommerce business selling shoes?”

Ad copy

One of the more common ChatGPT uses now emerging is its copywriting ability. While not all of its language has been perfected just yet, what it writes is at the very least a great start if you have a good copy editor. This will save you time when creating different variations of ad copy for your marketing campaigns.

Below we asked it for: 

5 Facebook ad copy descriptions for a new gym that just opened called “Example Fitness””

Spreadsheet Formulas

Whether you work in paid media, organic socials, SEO or web, spreadsheets are probably a part of your daily work life. We’re sure we aren’t the only ones who have spent too much time trying to figure out how a specific function works, or how to create a formula to solve a problem. However, ChatGPT is here to help!

Below we have a simple example where we used it to create a formula to convert exact keywords to phrase keywords for Google Search ads. We input:

“Write a Google Sheet formula converting all square brackets from a value to quotation marks”

And we tested it out in a Google Sheet to illustrate its usability:

In Conclusion

While AI technology for marketing is still in its early phases of evolution, it is already contributing toward greater productivity in the working world. Use cases are growing and while these programs might not make your job obsolete, you may find yourself left behind if you don’t utilise this tech, while others are flocking to it to maximise their efficiency.