How to start a newsletter on LinkedIn

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Did you know that LinkedIn has a newsletter function? Unlike articles, which post straight to your feed, a newsletter on LinkedIn goes to your followers directly, and you can invite people to subscribe. The benefit of this is that you won’t have to worry about people missing your content due to the algorithm or it getting lost in the massive shuffle of posts people are already seeing in their feeds. Want to know more? Here’s how to start a newsletter on LinkedIn

How to start your LinkedIn newsletter 

Start by heading over to your profile page. As if you were about to create a new post, click on ‘Write article’ underneath the text box. Instead of writing a feed article as you normally would, click on the ‘Create a newsletter’ bubble at the top of the page. 

Here you will see a window inviting you to create your first newsletter. Keep in mind that you won’t be allowed to have more than five different newsletters at once. It’s also important to know that if you delete your newsletter, all your branding will be removed, but the content will remain as normal article posts on your feed. You will also not be able to create another newsletter for a month after deleting your old newsletter.  

Add your newsletter title and a description for your newsletter. You will also be asked to upload a branded header image for your newsletter. Make sure it fits perfectly to keep your newsletter looking professional, LinkedIn’s recommended newsletter image size is 300×300 pixels. 

Tap done, and your newsletter will have been started! Now you can publish a piece of content as you normally would for an article, and your network will be notified and invited to subscribe as soon as your first newsletter goes out. 

When you want to publish another newsletter, you will go to the same place, choose the same newsletter (or the relevant one if you have more than one) to publish your latest issue. 

Your newsletters will also be featured on your profile so that new members of your network will be able to see them and subscribe while checking out your profile. 

The content of your LinkedIn newsletter

Working with multiple newsletters can be a great marketing tool to keep your network interested and engaged. For example, one of your five newsletters can be for new products or deals. Another could be business news, and a third could even be about industry news. This way, you won’t have people unsubscribing to your newsletter because you’re posting about too many deals when all they want is industry news. You will also get subscribers who only want to hear about your products and services. 

As with emailers, you want your newsletter to be relevant and interesting. Add images and pull quotes to make them more engaging and use a light tone that people will be able to whizz through when they check LinkedIn during work hours. Put the most important information at the top. People know that teasing them to scroll until the end is an old-school marketing tactic. Tricks like this can often annoy members to unsubscribe because they know you’re trying to suck them in. If they’re already reading your newsletter, they’re interested and you can get to the point right upfront. 

The top 10 most openable forms of newsletter content include:

  1. Information about competitions, giveaways and deals or discounts
  2. New product or service offerings
  3. Messages from the CEO
  4. Free downloads
  5. Event invites
  6. Ask for feedback or reviews
  7. Case studies
  8. Personal stories
  9. Advice, fun facts and FAQs 
  10. An inspiring and influential guest author  

What images should you add to your newsletter?

when it comes to how to start a newsletter on LinkedIn, you need to remember that it needs to have visuals, no question! First and foremost, you need to show your products and services. Make them look enticing by getting them professionally photographed, so you aren’t stuck with a product shot on a white background. 

You can also add screenshots of new features on your website, relevant memes and GIFs and  animated festive elements like confetti. People also love newsletters that contain infographics that allows them to process new information quickly in a way that is neat and visually stimulating. 

Don’t have any exciting product/service or other images to add? Choose something that will set the mood instead. A great cue is to choose an aesthetic seasonal image, or an pleasingly abstract image background to pop behind your logo, buttons and CTAs. 

Finally, press publish to see your first newsletter go out to your network. Keep watch over it for the next few days to see how many followers accept your newsletter subscription invite. And when you publish your next issue, ask your network for feedback not about your product/services, but about your newsletter itself. Remember, giving feedback is one of the 10 things people love to do most when they receive a mailer, so lean into it! 

If you’re still not sure where to start or how to curate your content in an optimised way for regular newsletters, we’d love to help. Get in touch with us today to chat about working with us to create, curate and manage your LinkedIn newsletters.