2023 in review at Pulling Power Media

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As fast as it came, 2023 is out and it’s that time where we look back, take stock and review the good, the bad and the different that made 2023 special. Every year I think to myself: “Wow that was a year that will stand out”. After six years of Pulling Power I’m surprised that this is still the case. After all, we only founded the company in 2017 and hired our first people. In 2018, we started in our first office and grew significantly. In 2019 we moved offices again with grand plans of building our HQ and started working with our first AAA games studio. In 2020 we went into lockdown and barely saw each other in person, but still managed to work on the world’s biggest game crowdfunding campaign. In 2021, we came out of lockdown and rediscovered our culture and identity as an agency. In 2022 we made leaps and bounds in the games space, growing our team and making moves toward turning our HQ dreams into a reality.

And then there was 2023, our most prolific year working in the tabletop games and crowdfunding space, with over 15 successful campaigns, two of them being in the top 10 performing campaigns in all of crowdfunding for 2023. We also completed the build of our new HQ with the help of the fantastic team from Milestone Projects. This was our most ambitious goal back from 2019 and the new Pulling Power HQ is glorious and these new surroundings have completely reinvigorated our team. 

We hired a bunch of talented new team members and sadly bid farewell to one of our founding members, Mark, who went off on his new life adventure in Canada. (We miss you Mark!) But we also got to celebrate the birth of Monique’s baby girl, as well as a lot of internal growth with members of the team moving into new positions.

To end the year off I attended the PAX Unplugged convention in Philadelphia, and finally got to meet many of the incredible people we have been working with in the industry over the past 4 years, in person!

In 2023 we…

2023 has definitely been one of our biggest years for growth and change. But something we have all sensed is how we have matured as a company and a team, not just in the scale and responsibility of the work we do for our clients, but also with our internal culture and how we define our purpose as an agency. We have reached new heights, serviced clients in new industries and grown immensely as a team of marketers.

Looking at this last year as well as all the years prior, I almost can’t help but plot them on a sort of mental chart to help visualize what 2024 might hold for us. When I do, I get really excited. We are storming into the new year with purpose, drive and momentum. Whether it’s achieving wins or overcoming obstacles, all the credit goes to this incredible group of people that make Pulling Power what it is!

I want to wish our hardworking staff and all of our clients a Happy New Year! We are blessed to have such an incredible group of clients and partner relationships, so as I laud our incredible team for the success at Pulling Power, our clients and partners are also much of the reason for where we are and the focal point of our passionate work.

May you all have a restful break and a positive start to your 2024 with energized teams and new goals and refreshed focus for the year ahead.

Kyle Puller
Director, Pulling Power Media

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