Our Team

Kyle Puller

Founder & Director

Kyle is all about combining creativity with strategy. He is focused on our clients’ businesses and how we can add value. He’s obsessed with culture and always looking for new ways to motivate the team.

Liam Summers

Creative Director

Liam is a man of many talents, from design and illustration all the way through to animation. He manages and mentors our team of young creatives, ensuring we are on the forefront of industry design trends.

Mark Woolfrey

Senior Account Manager and Head of Social Strategy

Mark is an ideas machine. He is the source of a large portion of our creative direction while keeping all our client’s accounts stocked with fresh content ideas. And he has the most majestic beard you’ve ever seen.

Sherlic White

Head of Web Development

Sherlic is our web developer and designer skilled in creating bespoke web-based solutions. He handles everything from quick landing pages to fully-functional company websites and envies Mark’s beard.

Jesse Kuhn

Paid Media Manager

Jesse enjoys long walks on the beach.. No really every day before work he walks on the beach, but at work Jesse is an analytical machine, tying together prospecting and remarketing strategies and consumer behaviour to deliver great paid media results.

Monique Golan

Digital Creative

Monique has a get-shit-done attitude and isn’t afraid to share her creative ideas with the team – this is someone you want in a brainstorm! She has a high standard for quality and an excellent grasp of all design disciplines.

Amber Oppel

Digital Creative

Amber has a background in 3D and game design, but is versatile enough to handle all aspects of design and animation. She is a cat person but has nothing against dogs (she insisted we add that last part).

Roxanne Greeff


Roxy is a wordsmith and has an eye for detail. When she’s not helping the team expand their vocabulary, she can be found writing excellent blog and SEO content for our clients or driving our CSI initiatives.

Ronan Rhoda

Digital Creative

Why do cows have hooves instead of feet? Because they lactose! Ronan loves dad jokes so much, he insisted his bio start with one. Born during Y2K, he's our office's cool kid, but when it comes to 3D and animation, he's all business.

Claire Dickson

Studio Manager

When it comes to keeping all of us, and our clients, on our toes, we couldn't ask for a better studio manager than Claire. She's there to remind us that organisation exists, and always has a smile for everyone, even though she's asked for those hour logs a hundred times.

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